Skibike Carving Ski “TITAN”


The wood core is combined with carbon and with a titanium plate, the steel edges are mounted on rubber. The titanium plate provides energy for the ski.This feature is called “Kers”=Kinetic Energy Recovery System. The Titanium plate allows more edge pressure and more speed with less effort. The ski behaves very quiet on now or ice and has best grip. The Titan ski has by far the best handling on any kind of snow!



ski length:
  • 2 x 102 cm
ski waist:
  • 9/7,2/8 cm
  • titan plate
  • wood core
  • ABS
  • BIAX
  • radius 13 m
  • sintered race base
  • colour neon orange

Stalmach skibob skis are specially developed and produced for skibob riding. We have been developing and producing the first skibob carving skis and the first titan skibob skis as well as the first deep snow skis. During the skibob riding come enormous loads on the relatively short skibob skis.

That is why our Stalmach – skibob skis are very durable and at the same time they have very good riding characteristics, whether on the slopes, ice or in deep snow.
We use the best materials such as wooden core, carbon, titanium plates, rubber pads and high quality steel edges.

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