assembling snap catch plates € 18,00

Quan – a “special” skibob for people with handicap who dare to start a new sport life. The skibob Quan has all kind of settings that can be adapted to all kind of disabilities. Product description can be found below.

A worldwide unique system offers a lot possibilities to disabled people:

  • The worldwide unique T-bar lift system allows the rider to use the T-bar lift without any difficulty.
  • The new system for the T-bar lift allows a lift transport without getting off of the skibob. So the rider still keeps sitting on the skibike during the lift transportation.
  • There’s also a new system which we call “instructor handlebar”. It’s a handlebar on the back of the skibob.
  • The ergonomic seat is adjustable in high and forward or backward.
  • The knee system allows the perfect adjustment on both knee ankles.
  • The most important fact is the possibility to choose between 2 foot systems. Especially for people with disability we can offer you 2 different foot system called “parallelogram” and “top ankle”.

The foot system “paralellogram” allows the rider a permament, parallel foot position to the Skibob. The foot skis stay flexible at this time and can be moved up or down, depending on the snow conditions.

The foot system “top ankle” allows the rider a parallel foot ski position to the skibike. Instead of the “parallelogramm”, the student has more lateral freedom of movement in the heel area with the “top ankle”.

Has been developed specially for people with disability:

  • incomplete paraplegia
  • complete paraplegia
  • parkinson
  • mutiple sklerosis
  • mental disability
  • cerebral paresis
  • incoordination
  • muscular atrophy
  • blindness
  • leg ampuation
  • Problems with the musculoskeletal system
  • Musculoskeletal pain

Size & Weight
  • 13,9 kilogram (without foot system)
  • body size app. 165 – 195 cm (adjustable)
  • body weight until app. 110 kilogram
  • green- powder coated
  • stainless steel elements
  • aluminium frame
  • seat adjustable forward or backward
  • handlebar adjustable in hight and inclination
  • shock absorber adjustable to the riders weight
  • frame foldable
  • ski-snap-catch-plates
  • ski-vibrationen-absorber
  • knee system adjustable
  • Front ski adjustable in inclanation
  • high quality “Gas Full Suspension System”
  • HUB 6 cm
  • 1 pair STALMACH carving-carbon-woodcore skibobski, ABS, BIAX
  • radius 13 m
  • sintered race base
  • ski length: 1 x 102 cm – 1 x 102 cm
  • 1 pair ski-snap-catch-plates

If necessary, belts available:

(minor changes in color, model and weight possible)

Stalmach Rahmen Quan
  • high quality aluminium frame
  • frame weight 1,8 kg
Stalmach Sitz Quan 2
  • frame-height adjustable to the riders size
  • max. seat height 67 cm
  • min. seat height 58,5 cm
  • from body size 1,70 m
Stalmach Sitz Quan
  • seat adjustment
  • without tools adjustable forward or backward
  • stalmach Ski
  • carving Skibob Ski
  • wood core, ABS
  • sintered race base
  • radius 13m
Aluminium Lenker
  • professional aluminium handlebar
  • ergonomically gel handlebar grips
Aluminium Vorbau
  • high quality aluminium stem
  • asjustable in height and inclination
Stalmach Knie Quan
  • knee system
  • Setting distance/position of the knee to the skibob
Stalmach schlepplift-quan-1
  • T-bar lift system
Stalmach schlepplift2-quan
  • while leaving the lift, you have to press the break
  • the T-bar lift system tilts forward and the T-bar comes out
  • chairlift system
  • the seat of the chairlift is between the skibob frame and the skibob seat
  • the rider stays seated

shock absorber front and back:

  • high quality gas shock absorber
  • HUB: 6 cm

length of the skibob:

  • 1 x 102 cm x 1 und 102 cm = 2,04 m

Der Snowbike „Quan“ Größe S für Personen mit Behinderung ist höhenverstellbar. Der Spezial Snowbike ist für Menschen mit Handicap bestens  geeignet. Der Skibob ist für Skibike Anfänger und Snowbike Fortgeschrittenen entwickelt.  Der Skibob „Quan“ ist der beste, spezielle  Skibob, Snowbike, Skibike für Personen mit Handicap um den Wintersport zu erleben.  Snowbike „Quan“ hat sehr viele Einstellungssysteme wie; Sitzverstellbar nach vorne und hinten sowie nach oben und unten. Skineigung ist bei diesem Snowbike einstellbar. Dieser Snowbike hat sehr gute Gas-Stoßdämpfer die beliebig eingestellt werden können. Der Skibike Lenker aus Aluminium ist einstellbar. Die Snowbike Carving Ski haben eine Bindung namens Schnellverschlussplatten. Dieser Snowbike ist aus Edelstahl und Aluminium gebaut. Dieses Wintersportgerät ist perfekt für Menschen mit Behinderung. Viele Personen mit Handicap lernen und fahren diesen Snowbike. Mit dem Skibike Quan ist der Wintersport Barrierefrei. Skibobfahren lernen bei der Skibob Schule Stalmach in Saalfelden, Österreich, Pinzgau

Foot system “Top Ankle” with ski binding (also available with snowboard binding)

Stalmach Quan Fußsystem - Top Ankle 1

Foot system “Parallelogramm” with ski safety binding (also available with snowboard binding)

Stalmach Skibob Quan Zubehör

ski slopes
Bewertung - 5 Stars
Bewertung 4 Star
embossment runway & forest
Bewertung 3 Star
Bewertung 4 Star
ski lift transport
Bewertung - 5 Stars
car transport
Bewertung 4 Star

My personal recommendation:

“Many of our cusoms are people with stong disabilities, who have to use a wheelchair in their everyday life. But with our skibob Quan they have the possibility to experience and enjoy the slopes with their families! My heart is laughing while I look at these people how happy and proud they are, I love to teach them, because these people are so thankful. I recommend the Quan to everyone, who wants to realize his dream – enjoy a winter day on the white slopes!”

Mag. Jacek StalmachMag. Jacek Stalmach – 4-times Skibob World Champion

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