Cayman Ranger “L” WITH


The Skibike Cayman Ranger is a beginner model. The Skibike has stainless steel snap catch plates and an adjustable shock absorber at the back. Product description can be found below. The instructor handlebar can be assambled and disassembled in seconds without tools.

Weight & Size
  • 10,4 kilogram
  • body weight app. 180- 195 cm
  • body weight until app. 110 kilogram
  • stainless steel elements
  • aluminium frame
  • chrom – powder coated
  • handlebar adjustable in height and inclination
  • shock absorber adjustable to the riders weight
  • frame foldable
  • ski-snap-catch-plates
  • ski-vibration-absorber
  • high quality “Gas Full Suspension System”
  • HUB 7 cm, rebound adjustable at the back
  • 1 pair STALMACH Carving-Skibobski, wood core
  • radius 10m
  • sintered race base
  • ski length: 99cm
  • 1 pair ski-snap-catch-plates
Instructor handlebar
  • system for the rear handlebar on the frame
  • stainless steel handlebar incl. grips

(minor changes in color, model and weight possible)

  • high quality aluminium frame
  • frame weight 1,5 kg
Sitz Skibob
  • 1 Paar STALMACH Carving-Skibobski, wood core
  • radius 10m
  • sintered race base
  • ski length: 99cm
Aluminium Lenker
  • professional aluminum handlebar
  • ergonomially gel handlebar grips
Aluminium Vorbau
  • high quality aluminium stem
  • adjustable in height and inclination

    shock absorber back:

  • MA-22AR Gas Stoßdämpfer
  • preload continuously and manually adjustable
  • rebound and resistance adjustable
  • HUB: 7 cm
ski slopes
Bewertung 3 Star
Bewertung 3 Star
embossment runway & forest
Bewertung 3 Star
Bewertung 3 Star
ski lift transport
Bewertung - 5 Stars
car transport
Bewertung - 5 Stars

My personal reccommendation:

“I recommend the Skibob Cayman Ranger for hobby and professional riders as well as for people with handicaps, as the driving characteristics and the stability are very good. The big advantage of the Ranger is the low weight!! The Cayman Ranger offers unbeatable value for money.”

Mag. Jacek StalmachMag. Jacek Stalmach – 4-times Skibob World Champion

Stalmach Skibob Cayman

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